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Millenials own more pets than any other demographic. A study by the online retailer, Zulily, tells us about millennials' relationships with their pets, how they shop for them, and where they shop. 

Perhaps you've noticed that there are more 'take your pet to work days' in offices across the U.S. This is no accident; what today's new workers miss most about going to work is their pets. The Millennialization of the Pet Industry – Retail’s Opportunity to Reach the Pet-Obsessed Report, Zulily's report, found that:


Pay vs Pets

  • 65 percent of millennials would find it more stressful to be without their pets for a week than their cell phones!
  • 71 percent of millennials would take a pay cut if they could bring their pets to work every day.
  • How much of a reduction in pay would they take? 21 percent of the millennials questioned would accept upwards of 20 percent less pay if every day was "Take Your Pet To Work Day."


Love Me, Love My .... (all AKC breeds)

Love Me, Love My .... (all AKC breeds)


Pet Related Products

  • Eighty-three percent of millennials purchase pet-themed products like t-shirts, mugs, door signs, door mats, and artwork such as posters.
  • Older millennials (26 - 36) are somewhat more likely to purchase items like these that show off their pet ownership than younger millennials (17 -25) (perhaps this is because the older millennials have more expendable income).
  • When it comes to pet wearables, like dog or cat t-shirts, for example, men are a bit more into them than women - 86 percent men to 79 percent women.


Paw Addict Cat Peace T-Shirt

Paw Addict Cat Peace T-Shirt


Where Millennials Buy

  • On-line purchasing is more popular than in-store purchases, but when it comes to treats, toys, and pet food, about 10 percent more millennials will purchase in person rather than online.
  • On the whole, online pet-related purchases are greater than in-store purchases, but not by a lot. Smaller, boutique-type, local stores are popular among millennials also.
  • Two-thirds of the millennials surveyed said they knew more about cats and dogs than pet store employees. (I'll have to agree with that!)


One thing that I've observed is that pet stores can't compete with online stores in being able to differentiate between similar products as well as online stores. Online stores have the benefit of advertising copy for each item as well as published customer reviews.

To learn more about this very discerning group of pet shoppers, their relationship with their pets, and their pet-related buying habits see the full Zulily report here.


source: Zulily via Pet Product News


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