Most domestic cats don't get outside much, but if they do, you might guess they don't want to be cold. I mean cats always want to be warm.

Striped Cat Sweater


You can tell if your cat is feeling cold if his extremities are cold to your touch - like his ears, nose, or feet. What's happening is that his blood is rushing from his extremities to his vital organs, like his heart and lungs, where warmth is most necessary. (This is true of humans as well as animals. That's why our hands, feet, and noses get cold before our corps.)

If you don't keep your house too, too warm, your cat may feel cold indoors. We keep our home at about 68 degrees in winter and, while it's refreshing to us, it's cold for our 14 year old cat, even though he's a big furry guy. If you have an outdoor cat, you don't want her outside in temps below 45o F; then get her to a warmer temperature as soon as possible.

Older cats move around less than the young'uns. Unlike their former active lives, they move less and sleep more. Circulation is not as good. They get cold. They curl up in soft, cushy, warm beds, that are very effective, but a warm sweater or coat would be great too!

An added feature of dressing your cats in warm coats and sweaters is that they get more attention from people. Now, how bad is that? Your cat will get plenty of attention in one or more of these beautiful creations made just for little tigers!


1. Cable Knit Turtleneck Sweater for Cats


Cable Knit Turtleneck Sweater for Cats

Cable Knit Turtleneck Sweater for Cats


This little cat does not look happy, I know, but he is just hiding his intense happiness at the opportunity to model the Cable Knit Turtleneck Sweater for CatsCustomers really love this sweater, even if a few of their cats aren't thrilled at having to wear it. But most report that their kitties have accepted the turtleneck and some say their cats love it!

A well-made acrylic sweater, available in XS to XL you can purchase this adorable cable knit sweater in pink, light blue (seen above), light green, orange, and red.


​  Cable Knit Turtleneck Sweater for Cats

  Cable Knit Turtleneck Sweater for Cats


The sweater is machine washable in cold water and it can be dried on a low setting.


2. Kotomoda Cat, Fleece Turtleneck

Kotomoda Cat, Fleece Turtleneck

Kotomoda Cat Fleece Turtleneck


Kotomoda Cat makes some of the beautiful cat clothing. And this Fleece Turtleneck is no exception.

All of Kotomoda Cat's cat clothes are made for Sphynx cats, but they fit other long-body cats as well. There is a size chart for XS, S, and L that requires three of your cat's measurements in order to size the turtleneck correctly for your cat.

The fleece used is nice and thick and looks very soft, so comfort is at a prime. I like this particular brand because it makes good quality cat clothing that's very stylish, but it's definitely not for all cats because the trunk of its clothing is quite long. Of course, If your cat has long fur, this Kotomoda Cat Fleece Turtleneck will feel even cozier. It's a must to checkout Kotomoda Cat's other cat shirts too!


3. Striped Cat Sweater


Talk about a green-eyed cat! The gorgeous green and white Striped Cat Sweater is perfect for our green, grey, or blue-eyed babies.

The Striped Cat Sweater comes in pink and white stripes also. This is a lovely Aran knit acrylic sweater, nice and thick, that can be worn by cats of all sizes - XS to XL (see size chart) - and small dogs, of course.


Striped Cat Sweater

Striped Cat Sweater


The sweaters are very well made and nice and warm. The Striped Cat Sweater is machine washable and dryable on low settings.


4. EXPAWLORER Grey Knitted Cat Sweater

Expawlorer Grey Knitted Cat Sweater

EXPAWLORER Grey Knitted Cat Sweater


The EXPAWLORER sweater is just darling, the first cat cardigan I've seen. The ribbed knit cuffs, the striped sleeve, and the high neck make the EXPAWLORER one of the smartest cat sweaters around. This beauty comes in three sizes measured mostly by back length.


EXPAWLORER Grey Knitted Cat Sweater


If your cat is in between sizes, I would go with the smaller size, as this knit tends to stretch. There is no indication about washing instructions, but I'm sure hand-washing is preferable. Yes, of course, you can also dress up a small dog in one of the EXPAWLORER Grey Knitted Cat Sweaters.


5. Cat Argyle Turtleneck Sweater

 Cat Argyle Turtleneck Sweater


The Cat Argyle Turtleneck Sweater is another beautiful acrylic cat sweater, very bright red with navy blue stripes. Again, measure carefully according to the size chart; this sweater only comes in small and medium.

You can machine wash and dry this sweater on low settings. Small dogs may also fit into this stunning turtleneck.


6. Bao Core BXT Cat Soft Warming Sweater

Bao Core BXT Cat Soft Warming Sweater

Bao Core BXT Cat Soft Warming Sweater


Adorable! The Bao Core BXT Cat Soft Warming Sweater is nothing less, in bright yellow and rose with brown trim around the legs, back, and hoodie ears! Oh, how warm our kitties would be in this great little jumpsuit!

And just look at the trimmings on the back of the warming sweater! (You can remove the bow tie if you really want to!)

Bao Core BXT Cat Soft Warming Sweater

Bao Core BXT Cat Soft Warming Sweater


This warming sweater is now available only in medium and large. Measurement requirements are listed on the link. There are no washing instructions advised by the seller, but I would stick to a cold water hand wash and hang dry. The sleeves may hang a bit on the Bao Core BXT Cat Soft Warming Sweater so make sure your cat has long legs, or you can elasticize the rims of the sleeves so they stay up, allowing more freedom of movement.


7. Classic Strawberry Cat Sweater


Classic Strawberry Cat Sweater

Classic Strawberry Cat Sweater


This cozy acrylic sweater has received many positive reviews from cat parents. The sweater is only available in the XS Size (back length 8", neck girth 12", chest girth 12- 14"), but its acrylic knit does stretch a bit. 

As you can see below, there are no sleeves in the sweater, but there are slits for your cat's front legs and the knitted material wraps under the belly forming a close fit to keep your cat's tummy warm.


Classic Strawberry Cat Sweater

Classic Strawberry Cat Sweater


It's best to hand wash and line dry this beauty so the pretty colors won't fade and the materials won't shrink. Your cat will want to wear the Classic Strawberry Cat Sweater year after year to keep warm.


I'm so glad to see that winter cat fashion is not only ready to keep our cats warm, but stylish too!


That's the buzz for today!

Lady Bee


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