Have you ever wanted your very own pet dinosaur, but lack
the funding, technology and scientific understanding of how to clone long-extinct creatures? Don’t be disappointed that the dinos probably aren’t coming back anytime soon; everyone wanted to play fetch with an allosaurus,
iguanodon or ankylosaurus at some point. Besides, who would look forward to feeding, bathing and potty training several tons of Dino when they already have a fuzzy
and loyal Fido?

I’ve got a few special tips to pamper your pooch, while teaching your canine to become the best prehistoric pal that you could ever ask for. Just stay out of the long grass- the neighbors never curb their brachiosaurus!

Chew like a spinosaurus!

Even though your golden retriever can’t match the brutal bite force of a tyrannosaur’s 3.1 tons of pressure, which is tough to believe if you’ve ever tried to take away her favorite tennis ball, she’ll be more than happy to satisfy her teething needs with Nylabone’s trio of T-Rex, Stegosaurus
and Brontosaurus shaped chews. Smaller velociraptors-in-training should go for
the lighter and colorful rawhide fare offered by Petco. I still can’t figure
out how a fire hydrant shaped treat made its way into the dino themed treat
assortment, but I’m sure that there isn’t a pup on the face of the earth who’d
complain about it!

The toughest
triceratops in town!

It’s better for your dog to be prepared to take down a roving styracosaurus or brontosaurus, because you never know if the mad
scientist down the street will forget to lock his 10,000 volt electric fence someday. The easiest way to train your doggies in the fine art of dinosaur combat is to pick out a dummy for your little buddy to beat up on. As their name
suggests, the bulky dinosaurs from Tuffie Toys are extremely durable are sure
to survive many playtimes, even with the roughest doggies. For the cuddlier
small and mid-sized saurian slayers, try the Dinos from goDog: I can vouch for
my Yorkie’s preference for the soft, crinkly and lifelike skin of her triceratops!

Poochie meets pteranodon!

Since you can’t take your mutt and the dinosaur of your
dreams on a walk together, fooling everyone into thinking that you did is the
next best thing! Send Dino Prints a picture your four-legged friend and through
some serious computer magic, places your pet alongside a photorealistic
tyrannosaurus rex or pteranodon to create a truly unique piece of art. Bonus
points if you can convince your friends into thinking that your Chihuahua saved
you from a delinquent spinosaurus!

While I’m digging this collection of divine dinosaur goodies
for my dog and I hope that you will too, I’m sure that pet-owning
paleontologists are already complaining over the lack of dimetrodon, diplodocus,
kentrosaurus and baryonyx…  

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