One of the most iconic symbols of Halloween is the black cat slinking
through the dark illuminated only by the moon and the reflective shine
of its eyes. There is also the fact that where there are black cats
there will be black bats. You can display both with of these themes with a
Black Cat Doormat this Halloween.

Black Cat Doormat #1Black Cat Doormat #1

Let's face it -- one of the facts for most of us in the U.S. is that we are likely to face some bad weather during the Halloween season and it is handy to have a nice doormat to wipe our feet on as we come into the house. Why not have a cool and festive one with a black cat and some spooky bats?

Black Cat Doormat #2Black Cat Doormat #2

These mats are made of a durable non-woven fabric top and a non-skid Neoprene back to make them safe and effective. Both are machine washable to help keep your home neat and clean.

To order Black Cat Doormat #1, click here. To order Black Cat Doormat #2, click here.

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