Have you hurled, er, heard about these weird 'barfing' mermaid animals inspired by Singapore's unofficial mascot, the Merlion?  

Singapore's Merlion

The Merlion – a mythical creature creation with a lion's head and a mermaid's tail – is an 8.6 meter (28 ft) tall, 70-ton statue that spouts a fountain of water into Singapore's Marina Bay. It's been the unofficial symbol of Singapore since its installation in 1972.

Merlion souvenirs are quite popular in Singapore, and the statue has also found its way into a number of Japanese manga comics such as Cowboy Bebop, Karas, and Hidamari Sketch. Now toymaker TakaraTomy has rolled out their own line of five so-called “Mar-Animals”, though they're given an odd twist some might find... unappetizing.    

Weird Barfing Mermaid Animal Figurines Emulate Singapore's Merlion

Like many classic fountains designed in the form of animals or at least, animal heads, TakaraTomy's Mar-Animals spew an arc of faux-fluid from their mouths. Unlike those fountains (and the Merlion), however, each of the five Mar-Animals unleashes a technicolor yawn reflecting the foods commonly associated with it.

Thus, we have an elephant barfing a shower of red apples, a panda projecting a stream of liquefied green bamboo shoots, a monkey blasting forth a fountain of golden bananas, a penguin regurgitating a river of bluish fish, and last but not least, a rabbit hurling a flood of orange baby carrots. How cute!

You'll want to collect them all but it'll take some doing: like other TakaraTomy figurines, these are meant to be distributed through 200-yen ($2) coin-operated gachapon machines.