Weddings Going To The Dogs

With a photo like this, it might give you paws. Are they kidding? Or are millennials — the newly married — at the forefront of a new trend that encourages dogs and other pets to be present at one’s nuptials? According to an Etsy report the last couple of years pointed to pet-friendly weddings being a 'thing.'

According to the numbers . . .

Etsy's trend guide noted that according to Marketwired, pets were integral in 8 percent of wedding ceremonies in 2016. "Fido’s prominence (and participation) is only expected to grow," Dayna Isom Johnson, wrote in the trend report.

She put the guide together by looking at trends "across Etsy and the wedding industry as a whole: what sellers are creating, what shoppers are loving, and what’s hot right now in the wider market.”

There are more than 30,000 Etsy search results for "pet wedding," she wrote. The fact that pet-friendly weddings are big in the wedding world isn't surprising. Johnson said, "a couple's wedding day is one of the most important days of their life and should include all the loves of their lives, including their fur baby."

Ways to include your furry friends . . .

There are as many ways to include your pets in the proceedings.

If your dog, for instance is of the right temperament, you can have him proceed you up the aisle, walking with the flower girl or ring bearer. He or she can even carry signage that announce the bride is about to appear. This is of course, if your dog can be trained to do so.

Reverent Wedding Films suggests some unique options, like getting a custom-made wedding cake topper in the image of not only you and your partner, but your pet(s), too.

Accidents can happen . . .

Anyone who’s deciding on including their pets know that they do have their moments, and that even a special occasion might not persuade them do otherwise. For instance nothing spoils the moment like a little bowel or bladder relief in the middle of the ceremony, particularly if its an outdoor weeding. So, make sure those ‘evacuation’ duties are taken care of in advance.

Hired Help

Since the bride and groom have enough on their minds on their wedding day, consider hiring a pet wrangler or designating a willing friend or family member to look after your pet throughout the ceremony and reception. They might even volunteer to do some pet sitting during the honeymoon. If not, you can always consider the Rover app for such duties.

Dog groomers sometime offer these services. Owner Penny Dabell offers dog grooming, microchipping, canine first aid courses and ultrasound. And, she just launched Penelope’s Pet Chaperone, a bespoke service for people who want their pet pooch to play a part in their wedding.

So your thoughts readers? If you’re in the midst of planning, would you ever consider assigning a role for your pet on your special day? Comment below and let us know your ideas.