If you're trying to give CBD oil to your cat, you may have noticed that cats really can't stand the stuff. Yes, even mixed with their food, your dog's food, or your own steak and cheese, cats hate it.

You can search for dog CBD treats and you'll find them - galore! - but CBD treats for cats are rare. HolistaPet is one of the few companies that caters to both a cat's need for CBD and a cat's taste buds.

HolistaPet CBD Treats For Cats

HolistaPet CBD Cat Treats


HolistaPet CBD Cat Treats are actually delicious treats for cats, something cats desire, instead of some bitter tasting oil they can smell a mile away in their food. HolistaPet uses organic full-spectrum CBD in all of their pet CBD products, made from organically grown hemp plants in Colorado.

Each HolistaPet CBD Cat Treat contains 2 milligrams of CBD. Two milligrams is probably not going to be your cat's serving size because serving sizes are determined by the weight of your cat by 4 pound increments, but there are 75 treats in a bag, so you'll have plenty for one or two months of treats.

If you have a small cat, say 8 pounds, her serving size would be 2 cat treats every 4-8 hours. My cat weighs 13 pounds, so his portion size would be 3 treats every 4-8 hours. Because my cat is 14 years old, I would give him 4 treats every 8 hours just to make sure his limbs are 'greased' enough to continue jumping up to his favorite spots. If your cat suffers from chronic pain or anxiety, frequency of dosing might be increased to every 4-6 hours. Your pet cannot 'overdose' on HolistaPet CBD. There is nothing in this product that is harmful.


HolistaPet CBD Cat Treats


Yes, CBD will keep your pets healthier in many ways. CBD is used for people and pets to treat mobility problems, pain, swelling, nausea, allergies, seizures, anxiety, and even the slowing of mental health problems in aging pets. CBD is being used to reduce complications from cancer medications and treatments. In some cases, pet parents choose CBD instead of radiation treatment.  There are so many uses for pet CBD that it's hard to find a condition that CBD doesn't help. And the beauty is it doesn't hurt your pet to try CBD.

The HolistaPet CBD Cat Treats contain all natural ingredients: fresh salmon and chicken are the first two. Twenty-eight percent of this product's content is protein, something rarely found in a cat treat.

The HolistaPet website has a fairly in-depth directory of Pet Health Conditions and indications of how CBD may be used to support your pet during treatments. It's a must read for all pet parents!

In the meantime, pet parents should invest in their pets' good health by purchasing HolistaPet products. They come with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.


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