Kenic Better Breath watter additive for canine oral health
New oral hygiene product for dogs


Canines and cats are well known for achieving a level of malodorous breath almost unparalleled by about their sixth or seventh year of life. That’s because veterinarians say up to 85 percent of the animals are suffering from gum and/or periodontal disease by age three. Sure, we’re encouraged to brush their teeth and there are even meat-flavored toothpastes we can use, but most people don’t use them and most pets seem to hate not only the process but the pastes used for it. Now, there’s an antiseptic water additive by Kenic that could eliminate the need for all that in dogs.

Kenic Pet Products

The company behind Kenic is known as Glo-Marr. They are currently offering both a water additive and an oral spray for canines called Better Breath aimed at reducing tartar and plaque while lessening the risk of gum disease when used regularly. If these aspects of dental hygiene are properly addressed then the issue of breath so bad it makes your eyes water is effectively negated. Much like brushing your teeth, however, the products do have to be consistently applied in order to work properly.

Bad Breath in Pets

If it comes equipped with teeth, chances are dental health will eventually become an issue. Kenic’s Barktini Blends — another line of theirs — claims to “Tame that case of ‘Howl-a-tosis’” with products that are natural and effective, eco-friendly and packaging that is said to be recyclable. This line appears to contain ingredients like peppermint and clove. While the company is well known for its various shampoos and grooming products, there is far less reliable information available on their newer dental products.

Veterinarian Dentistry

Yearly checkups and dental cleanings are recommended for pets, but we'd like to know if you've enlisted any of Kenic’s oral hygiene products for use with your own pets. If so, we’d really appreciate your feedback on the subject. Please share with us in the comments section below so that all of our readers can become better educated and more aware concerning this subject.