Okay... at first I was furious with this video.  I freaked out.  Those of you that read my stuff know I'm a cat guy.  Then I realized what
was done and laughed hysterically.  You really have to like Monty Python
type of humor for this video, posted by ervinmb on June 26, 2013.


It's fake, obviously.  And so ludicrous... Here's how it was done:

1. Pick up real cat.

2. Put real cat down on chair just out of frame.

3. Have a buddy with a really good arm throw a weighted stuffed animal.  It needs to have some weight to go the distance and create a good splash.  Quite creative.  And bizarre.

And before railing on me, note that I don't condone launching cats into pools.   Just like I don't condone alll of the stuff done to the dog in Something About Mary.  (P.S. That was all fake, too).

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