Forget 'Always Low Prices', this cat snapped shopping with their owner at Walmart wants to save money and live better by taking a load off their paws.

Walmart Shopping Cat Loves Low Prices, High Places

You've gotta hand it to those underpaid and over-aged store greeters, they do a bang-up job of enforcing Walmart's “no pets allowed except service dogs” policy.

We're being sarcastic, of course: Walmart has become a regular zoo these days and that's even BEFORE considering the birds, goats, lizards, monkeys and other non-human critters shoppers get away with bringing into their local stores.

Walmart Shopping Cat Loves Low Prices, High Places

Street wisdom implies that well-behaved and under-control animals stand a better chance of accompanying their owners... your mileage may vary depending on your Walmart greeter's mood. As for service animals, stores like Walmart are narrowing their tolerance for the term, as are a number of official service animal associations.

As for this admittedly cute gray cat, it's not sporting a service animal vest nor does it appear to be providing its owner with any sort of service... well, besides keeping his shoulder warm. That counts, right? Right? (images via People Of Walmart and Miami New Times)