Just when you thought standards couldn't “sink” any lower, this couple old enough to know better is offering tiny furry “kitchens” free of charge from a Walmart parking lot.

Walmart Parking Lot Kitten Stand Is A Sign Of The Times

We've featured The Top Ten Cats of Walmart but this... well, this takes the cake and belongs in a league (and an article) of its own. Unusually for People of Walmart, no state is listed although “state of despair” works for us. If one must pin it down, a location somewhere in Flyover Country or Florida probably won't overly shock anyone.

But we digress... “FREE KITCHENS”?? Really? OK, so there's some slight similarity between the words “kitchens” and “kittens” but come on now. The mind truly boggles in attempting to rationalize how these otherwise well-meaning senior citizens got things so very, very wrong. Then again, consider the current political situation – indeed, anything is possible these days.

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