Add a little cat fancy to your home décor scheme with Cat Life removable silhouette stickers from Wall Story. Ideally placed around light switches and electrical outlet plates, these removable and reusable stickers infuse your home with cute & kittenish charm.

As described at Tokyo Otaku Mode, these high quality felt-backed stickers comprise Wall Story's Cat Life series.

Choose from a quartet of varieties: Fish, Mouse, Falling, and Stretching. The first two allow the user extra freedom to personalize placement as the fish and mouse stickers are separate from the cat stickers.

As mentioned, Cat Life silhouette stickers are both removable and reusable – the adhesive leaves no sticky residue on most common surfaces and stays sticky when you want to switch things around. Get yours from Tokyo Otaku Mode or Japan Trend Shop.

These Wall Story Cat Life stickers are not available yet in the US, but other fun face stickers for wall switches from are definitely a fun option.

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