It is clear, we are a nation of extreme wealth. Otherwise, we would not lavish the type of dollars we do to keep our dogs "happy". At times, I think dog owners are simply crazy, not just crazy about their dogs...just crazy, cuckoo, wacko - as in not quite in touch with reality. I may be wrong. But then, could you please explain to me these wacky products for your dog:

13. For dog owners who think the natural look just won't do:

Doggy Nail PolishDoggy Nail Polish

Doggy Nail Polish (SEE IT HERE).

12. For the dog owner who loves data and needs to know how far the dog will go before collapsing:

Doggie PedometerDoggie Pedometer

Doggy Pedometer (See it here)

11. For dog owners who think regular shampoos are not good enough, and want only the best salon treatment for their dogs:

Salon ShampooSalon Shampoo

John Paul Salon Pet Shampoo and Conditioner Products (See it here).

10. For dog owners who don't like their dogs shedding but don't want to shave their dogs:

Dog SleevesDog Sleeves

Disposal Dog Clothes - Dog Sleeeves (See it here).

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