The 2016 election is a big turn-off for many but will voters disgusted with human candidates turn to our feline friends for political salvation? These 10 cat candidates are running – on little cat feet – for office, as long as said office comes with a clean litter box and a never-empty food dish.


Vote For Meow: The Top 10 Cat Candidates

Earl Grey – So Hot Right Now
It's name notwithstanding, the Tuxedo Party of Canada may not be a “formal” political entity but its candidate for Prime Minister simply reeks of royalty – or something. Hey, bathing a cat ain't easy! In any case, Earl Grey ran for Premier of Nova Scotia in 2013 though his not-so-hidden agenda was revising Canada's Victorian-era animal cruelty legislation. (cat candidate image via Hot Country 103.5)



Vote For Meow: The Top 10 Cat Candidates

Kitten Out The Vote
Who could resist the charms of a handsome odd-eyed white cat? Not the voters, thought Japanese politician Satoshi Shima as he searched for some way to make his campaign (and his campaign posters) stand out from the pack. Not all of Shima's posters featured the serious-looking feline but it did appear on the side of his decked-out campaign van. In the event, Shima was defeated in his bid to represent Mikawa in the Japanese legislature so we'll never know if the cat would have accompanied him or sat in for him when the Diet was in session. (cat candidate image via Asian Correspondent   



Vote For Meow: The Top 10 Cat Candidates

POTUS? More Like “Pet Us”
Not enough fat-cats in Washington? Do your bit to correct this injustice by voting for Limberbutt McCubbins of the, ahem, Demo-cat-ic party. 6-year-old Limberbutt, assisted by his owner and campaign manager Isaac Weiss, have skillfully exploited the internet to boost the mixed-breed rescue cat's popularity with disenchanted voters. “The time is meow”, according to the campaign's catchy slogan and the still-functional Limberbutt McCubbins Facebook account listed campaign platform planks such as affordable healthcare for cats and "a return to cat space flight". Wait a minute, “return”?? (cat candidate info via PopSugar)



Vote For Meow: The Top 10 Cat Candidates

Hank E Doodle Dandy
Hank, a Maine Coon cat who sadly passed away in 2014, ran for the Virginia state senate in 2012... and came in third place behind the two major party candidates! The former rescue cat's campaign focused on his rags-to-riches upbringing and his pledge to support animal rescue, spay & neuter programs, and positive campaign reform. Hank received 7,319 write-in votes and his campaign raised approximately $60,000 which was donated to various animal charities. (cat candidate image via Johnson County)



Vote For Meow: The Top 10 Cat Candidates

Hail Barsik! Citizens of the Siberian city of Barnaul were fed up with local human politicians' endemic corruption and recurring scandals so when the town's mayor resigned in August of 2015, voters saw a chance to make a statement. The 18-month-old Scottish Fold cat had no previous political experience but voters figured that was a good thing, and rewarded Barsik with a near-Putin-like 91.6% of the votes in an unofficial poll. (cat candidate image via VK/AltaiOnline)



Humbert cat 2015

Hum If You Like Humbert
Back here in North America, both Canadians and Americans share a deep sense of frustration with pussy-footin' politicians of the figurative persuasion. Literal pussy-footin' politicians, however, escape such condemnation and that's good news for the likes of Humbert, a four-year-old tabby who ran in the federal riding of NDG-Westmount in 2015. Humbert's campaign posters feature French-language captions such as “Treats for everyone”, “No worse than the others”, and “An honest face”. Can't argue with that! (cat candidate info via CBC Radio, image via Carol Berringer/Facebook)



Vote For Meow: The Top 10 Cat Candidates

Party At The Cafe
More Canadian cat candidates, this time one from each party, were featured on a series of posters created by the Siberian Cat Café in Chelsea, Quebec. The mock election signs touting the candidacies of Dimitri, Konstantin, Deborah and Kristoff were the brainchild of café owner Michael Lebrun. "People are tired of the election," explained Lebrun, "too many signs everywhere, the idea behind this stunt is just to bring people's minds anywhere else, so they can know this can be funny and for sure to talk about our new business." In other words, the Siberian Cat Café wins no matter which cat (or human) carries the vote. (cat candidate image via CBC)



El Candigato Morris

Four Morris Years!
Voters in Mexico were feeling rather ill-served by their politicians in the summer of 2013, to the point where various animals were offered up as candidates: Chon the donkey in Ciudad Juárez, a dog in Oaxaca, Tina the chicken in Tepic, and Morris the cat in Jalapa, capital of the state of Veracruz. Under the catchy slogan “Tired of voting for rats? Vote for a cat”, Morris' Facebook page racked up over 130,000 “likes” in the run-up to the vote, more than any other candidate of any species. (cat candidate info via The Sun)



Keyboard Cat sign

I'm A DemoCat
If you're gonna put a cat in the White House, you can't do worse than Keyboard Cat – it's arguable you can't do better, either. Keyboard Cat zoomed to fame in 2007 via a viral video declared by Current TV (in late 2009) to be the second-greatest viral video of all time. OF ALL TIME! Unfortunately we'll never know how great a President Keyboard cat would have been: “Fatso”, who tickled the ivories in the original video taken back in 1984, shuffled off this mortal coil in 1987. (cat candidate image via Tom Woodward  


Vote For Meow: The Top 10 Cat Candidates

Party Of NO
As a bonus cat-candidate who really couldn't care less about the political process – or anything else for that matter – we present a certain famous feline who's never afraid to tell it like it is. So Grumpy, it looks like Americans will be disappointed by whomever wins this years election, care to comment? “GOOD”. (cat candidate image via Imgur/Reddit)

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