ViviPet creates collage of customer's photos

ViviPet-created collage of customer photos


Are you looking for ergonomic pet dishes for your cat, but you don't want an industrial-looking design?  Or perhaps, your best friend is cat crazy and you want to buy something really special for her cat.... Well, I think you should take a just a peek at the ViviPet Dining Tables; they are both ergonomic and stunning!

Here is one style of the ViviPet Dining Table - a 3/5 inch thick solid pine tray finished in 7 coats of water-and-scratch-resistant paint, tilted 15 degrees forward so your cat can eat comfortably.

ViviPet Cat Feeder


The ceramic kitty bowls are large and wide so your cat's whiskers will not bristle. And there's a matching ceramic pot in the rectangular drop panel that you can use for a grass planter so kitty can clear her tummy when she needs to.

The ViviPet Dining Table can also be ordered with black ceramic bowls or in black wood with either black or white ceramic bowls. Below is the black stand with black ceramic bowls.

ViviPet Dining Table


Another touch of modern design is found in the white ViviPet Dining Table which you can order with either black or white ceramic bowls.


ViviPet Dining Table


It's hard to choose among them, but if you travel to the ViviPet Dining Table link, you can play around with various combinations of tables and bowls before you choose. Another feature of the ViviPet is that it comes in a gorgeous hand-drawn giftable box, so the kitty table and the box both look classy.

Grass 'gels' come with the ViviPet Dining Table, but some customers are not happy with them.  I suggest you purchase these Todd's Seeds, which grow good quality edible grass for cats and dogs. You can plant some in the planter box or in another planter. Many customers use the included planter to store their cats' supplements or medication; others place toys in the box.

ViviPet sells kitty bowls separately too.  There are different styles, very pretty, which also make great gifts.


(I did not have the opportunity to include the ViviPet in my column, 15 Ergonomic Pet Feeders, but it will certainly be in my next edit!)

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