You will notice that the Furbliss doesn't look like other pet brushes; it performs like no other either!

Furbliss Pet Brush

Red Furbliss Multipurpose Brush (for large dogs with long hair)


The Furbliss was created by veterinarian James Bascharon to fulfill pets' needs for clean, unmatted, healthy fur and skin, which is why the brush is made of medical grade silicone and why the brush has two sides with different and multiple functions. The material of the brush is significant, especially when compared to most pet brushes that have metal spokes that can harm a pet's fur and skin, as this video indicates:



The Furbliss gives a great massage as well as brush, and on the opposite side of the spokes there are nubs to collect shedding fur, not only from your dog, but from your clothes and furniture. Additionally, the crevices on the back side can be filled with shampoo so you can use the brush to bath your pet as well as to perform other grooming and massage



Furbliss pet brush functions


Furbliss brushes don't even look exactly like each other because each model is designed for different size pets with different needs.

The Red Furbliss is designed for large dogs with long hair, like a golden retriever or a collie. If you have a small pet with long hair, like a cat or a miniature poodle, then you would want to go for a Green Furbliss. Yellow is for large pets with short hair, like a German Shepherd, and the Blue Furbliss is especially for small pets with short hair, like pugs.


Furbliss Pet Brush

Furbliss Brushes for Dogs And Cats


And yes, there is even a Furbliss for horses! Of course, there's no reason why you can't use the Furbliss on other large animals.


Equine Furbliss

Equine Furbliss


The reviews from pets, via their owners, are quite impressive, but the owners are loving the Furbliss too because it does everything it claims to do, and it's comfortable to hold and keep clean (dishwasher safe!). Furbliss also makes shampoos and conditioners to enrich your pet's fur.


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