Quoth the raven... Evermore!*


Courting ravens

Courting raven dance


Why "evermore?"

Well, in spite of the fact that common ravens are among the most destructive, predatory, and generally considered-to-be obnoxious birds by humans, they are extraordinarily loving and faithful partners to their mates and to their offspring.  Ravens are "evermore" to their mates.

The raven's courting sky dance is one of nature's most lovely aerial shows, and ravens are trained to perform it by their parents when they are just teenagers, so that they will be ready to win over a mate when the time comes later in their lives.

Here is part of a documentary where you can watch the raven courting dance in action:



From courtship through their golden years, ravens are not only faithful, but they continue to express their love by preening and cooing to each other, as if renewing their vows. Perhaps more humans could learn a few things about devotion from these quintessential love birds. 

This Bird Note podcast lets us listen in on the comforting sounds that common ravens share with their mates throughout their lives.

What sounds or words say "evermore" to your mate?


*Quoth the raven, 'nevermore'" is a line from the narrative poem, The Raven, by Edgar Alan Poe. The narrator talks of his lost love to a raven who answers only "Nevermore."


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