A lobster caught off Canada's east coast was lovelier than most thanks to a cute heart-shaped barnacle 'tattoo' centered on its back shell.  

Valentine Lobster Wears Its Heart On Its Shell

Unusual lobsters often make the news but their notoriety most often comes from being an extremely rare color. Blue, yellow, calico, albino and even “half & half” specimens have been fished out of the ocean depths.

This particular crawling crustacean on the other hand, er, claw has a normally-colored shell though it carries a distinctive yet familiar pattern: a classic Valentines Day heart!

Valentine Lobster Wears Its Heart On Its Shell

The heart shape on the lobster's back formed naturally and randomly from a small cluster of barnacles. “We've never seen this in over 45 years in the business,” stated Catherine MacDonald, co-owner of the Alma Lobster Shop in Alma, Nova Scotia.

The family-run business on the edge of Fundy National Park sells seafood retail and wholesale, as well as serving it in their restaurant. It's not known whether this heartful lobster's curious carapace will keep it off the plates of lobster-lovers, however. (via WENN)