Is your dog the neighborhood’s biggest celebrity? (Or does your puppy act like it anyway?) Since you’re going to treat your pets like big shots anyway, why not give clean them up to look, smell and feel like they’re ready for their close up? Check out Pet Head: A line of trendy, efficient and pleasant smelling shampoos, sprays, wipes and other goodies to clean up your dog’s act.

The entire series of Pet Head beauty and hygiene products are designed to make poochie as snuggly as possible without the resistance of normal bath time. Take their “Puppy Fun” tearless shampoo for instance: I like to give Scribbles, my yorkie, a bath with a very gentle shampoo, but the only tearless shampoos that I can find are intended for babies. An ultra-gentle shampoo that was designed to enhance Scribble’s coat is an excellent innovation not just for her, but for squirmy dogs who aren’t completely sold on the concept of bathing everywhere.

Some of their other stand-out pampering products include “Life's an Itch” for itchy and irritated skin, a ultra-simple “Dry Clean” spray on and waterless shampoo, and “Quickie Quick Rinsing Shampoo” which lathers up and rinses off in record time for smelly dogs who really hate baths. At least that poor pooch will come out smelling of pina colada!

Does your dog use Pet Head? Are you interested in glamorizing your kitty with the upcoming feline Pet Head lineup? Share your beauty tips in the comments!

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