Cat owners are excited about the UPSKY Roller Cat Toy because their cats absolutely love it!


UPSKY Roller Cat Toy

UPSKY Roller Cat Toy


The UPSKY Roller Cat Toy is not just any roller cat toy. It has features you won't find on other cat roller toys.


* It comes in four parts that fit securely into each other. The head of the Roller Cat Toy even opens up to a compartment where you can keep balls that are not in use.


UPSKY Roller Cat Toy



* It comes with six balls, not just one or two like other roller toys.


UPSKY Roller Cat Toy


* It has anti-skid tabs on the underside of the toy to prevent the toy from moving away from your cat.


UPSKY Roller Cat Toy


* AND, It has smooth undersides on each layer to prevent your cat's head from getting stuck between the levels!


You have to watch these cats at play to see how much fun the UPSKY Roller Cat Toy provides for kittens and cats:



This toy is safe, non-toxic, and eco-friendly. With all this, you'd expect the UPSKY Roller Cat Toy to be expensive, but it is very reasonably priced. Check it out here at


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