UPS Dogs
Look how clever I am. Rub my belly!


Delivery drivers face countless dogs each and every day on their daily routes. Some are nice and others not so nice, but all in all there are many that merit recognition. That's how the drivers of United Parcel Service (UPS) feel. In fact, they've created their own Facebook page called UPS Dogs to pay special tribute to them.

UPS Dogs

Call it a nod or a tip of the hat, but ever since August 2013, when time permits, drivers snap photos of dogs and send them in to UPS Dogs where Scott Hodges, one of the community page's moderators and a driver himself, saw to it they we're posted.


UPS dogs
Just admit it: I'm cute.

Social Media

The page became so popular that they started accepting submissions from customers with an eye for a fuzzy face and a wagging tail. In fact, it became such a hit they began an Instagram page as well.

Now, they receive so many pix that they have to sift through them each day and have declared, "UPS Dogs strives to strike the right balance between posting your entertaining photos and not overwhelming social media feeds."

Cute Animal Pictures

Between the two accounts, a significant number of cute animal pictures get posted, so there's a good chance your images have a shot at making the grade. Even if they don't, both pages are a treat to visit, and there's no rule forbidding you from sending more in on other days, so take heart.


UPS Dogs
Did you bring me a treat?

Funny Dogs

One of the things that may improve the chances of having your pix included is shots of silly stunts by funny dogs or dogs just making adorably goofy faces. Another popular theme is animals doing improbable things or getting busted doing something they shouldn't, like with dog shaming posts. Unless you're made of stone, who can resist; right? 

If you're interested in seeing your own pix highlighted on either platform, their Facebook "About" page states, "Submissions should be emailed to: Please be sure to include a brief caption, the dog's name, and your name and location. We always love to give credit to our army of photographers and canine friends."