A fearless Florida man with no tolerance for wasps (but plenty of tolerance for pain) proves to the world via video that his claim of crushing over fifty wasp nests without ever being stung is no idle boast.

Unstung Hero: Florida Man Crushes Wasp Nest With His Bare Hands

Should you ever have the opportunity to meet this guy, you might want to hesitate before shaking his hand – you'll fall for the old “joy buzzer” trick but with real life buzzers! The man from Lutz, Florida was born in the Caribbean island of Trinidad and “always dared to be different”. Ya think?  

“I have been killing wasps with my bare hands for over 20 years,” writes the unnamed gent at his YouTube video page, Killing Wasps the Old Fashioned Way. Hard to believe, huh? “Someone denied that fact and this was a simple demonstration,” he explains as a way of justifying the video recorded in front of his house on January 10th of 2017.


“I have done this over 50 times and have never gotten stung.” There's no explaining that... or is there? It could be that the man's early life was spent performing manual labor, which would have caused his hands to be covered in thick callouses impermeable to wasps' stingers.

Even so, anyone who's tangled with nesting wasps knows they'll angrily sting you ANYWHERE, not only on your hands. But whatever – we'll just take his word for it and hope the mysterious “Chantel”, the queen bee he seems to have made the video for, is suitably impressed. (via UPI)