If there is one thing besides dinosaurs that kids -- especially little
girls -- love, it is unicorns. With a Giant Stuffed Unicorn around they
will really get to know the magic of their own imaginations.

Blue Giant Stuffed UnicornBlue Giant Stuffed Unicorn

From the bottom of one enchanted hoof to the tip of the mythical horn this stuffed animal stands just over four feet tall. It is three feel from nose to tail. So this is one really big plush pal for your kids -- or you.

Pink Giant Stuffed UnicornPink Giant Stuffed Unicorn

This elusive unicorn is made in the U.S.A., so you can feel good about supporting American jobs when you make the purchase.

Purple Giant Stuffed UnicornPurple Giant Stuffed Unicorn

While this pretty pony is NOT designed to be ridden or even sat on, it does come in your choice of four different colors. One of them is bound to be the right one for your child.

White with Beige Giant Stuffed UnicornWhite with Beige Giant Stuffed Unicorn

For blue, click here. For pink, click here. For purple, click here. For beige, click here

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