'Underdogs' Too Nice For Police Work Can Be Adopted

The 'Police Academy' franchise has spawned 8 movies and 2 TV series. These productions portrayed a group of misfit recruits in their attempts to prove themselves capable of being police officers, and more than often failing. This low-brow humor is focused on the struggle of "underdogs."

Similarly, when it comes to dogs training for government positions, there are a number of them who can't cut the mustard and are dismissed as 'drop-outs' of the government's Transportation Security Administration program in the States and the Queensland Police Service in Australia. With dogs however, their fatal flaw is that they're too nice versus being inept. In both geographic areas, there's avenues for adoption or placement of these dogs.

Transportation Security Administration [TSA]

For people who’d like to adopt a German Shorthaired Pointer, a German Shepherd, a Labrador Retriever, or a Belgian Malinois, they can now choose from beautiful puppies whose personalities are very sweet.

Those dogs failing the Transportation Security Administration's requirements to work at airports and other security entry points can be viewed on their 'Canine Adoption Program' website.

One of the requirements is you have no relocation plans [for the next within six months.] Other requisites are the availability a yard that’s completely fenced, and  isable to provide the dog training, exercise, proper medical care, and love. Approved applicants will be asked to visit the TSA's San Antonio, Texas offices twice. The first purpose of the first visit is to meet the dogs, and the second one is to take the pet home.

Queensland Police Service [QPS]

The QPS opened their Puppy Development Kennel Complex at the Brisbane Dog Squad over a decade ago, and now includes a 'Puppy Development Program.'

While many service dogs do graduate and go onto have successful careers as a police dog, there are a number that do not The reasons for being cut could be nervousness, lack of drive and/or a personality that does not fit the gig.

For many, like  the TSA Dogs, the reason for failure can be a temperment that is just too nice.

The BBC reported on one puppy that went viral for being too friendly for the Queensland Dog Squad [the police force], as he took to liking to strangers [which is a definite a no-no for police dogs.] Thankfully, he went on to join Queensland's Government House as the official Vice-Regal dog, a job that suits him much better than the front lines of police work.

Other Adoption Options

There are many national dog organizations in the States that adopt out canines who fail to make the grade in police training. These dogs are often referred to as “career change dogs,” since they’re simply changing careers from service animal to pet.

Some of the most popular service dog organizations with adoption programs include Service Dogs Inc., Freedom Service Dogs of America, Guide Dogs for the Blind, and Guide Dogs of America.

Primary Source: Independent