Over the past few years it has become a Halloween thing to decorate with skeletons of all kinds, not just the human ones. It started with dogs and cats and grew from there. This year we have perhaps hit the ultimate set of bones -- that of the Teddy Bear Skeleton.

Teddy Bear Skeleton
Teddy Bear Skeleton

Of course all of these skeletons require a certain amount of personal suspension of reality. Like the spider skeletons. Spiders only have exoskeleton and should just look like a dead spider. So the teddy takes it a step further and you have to believe that the squishy plush bear have skeletons of any kind -- especially the ears.

That being said, it is still a fairly creepy decoration and you could just see it being a part of daily life for members of the Addams Family. So, for Halloween at least, it is a pretty cool thing to have around the old haunted hacienda.

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