The Ultimate Cat Perch holds 80 pounds, but its 24 x 14 perch may be limited to just a few cats that, likely, won't amount to 80 pounds. Nevertheless, a good pounce on this perch might, in effect, be the equivalent.


Ultimate Cat Post

Ultimate Cat Perch


The fact is the Ultimate Cat Perch is strong. Every part of the Cat Perch is supportive, from the suction cup holders to the acrylic rods that hold and balance the perch to the woven furniture fabric to the non-bendable thick-walled tubes that hold the fabric tight. The design is simple and elegant.


Ultimate Cat Perch

Ultimate Cat Perch


Fabric on the Ultimate Cat Perch

Outdoor furniture fabric


Eligible windows must have a 24 inch width and have 11 inches below the shelf so that the lower rods of the perch may be attached to the window. The perch will only attach to clear glass.


Ultimate Cat Perch

Ultimate Cat Perch


The patented suction cups are reported to be very strong and secure; a few customers had problems with the suction cups, but if that is the case, you can contact Amazon for replacement. One thing you must do before placing the cups on the window is make sure your windows are very clean and dry before placing the suction cups. Prior to placing the cup on the window, run warm water over the disk and shake out the excess water. Then, place the suction cup firmly on the window.

Notice that the cat below is facing the inside of the room. He probably has acrophobia. I can't even look at the photo without getting dizzy.


Ultimate Cat Perch

Ultimate Cat Perch


The "Ultimate" is a well-made, comfortable cat perch. Feline and human customers are really happy with it!

(In the winter you can add the Millard Thermal Cat Mat!)


That's the buzz for today!

Lady Bee


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