A vacationing couple enjoying the wild life got a visit from the wildlife when their late-night swimming pool tryst turned into a trio, courtesy of a very unwelcome crocodile.  

Two's Company, Three's A Crowd When Cheeky Croc Crashes Couple's Pool Rendezvous

Shed no tears – crocodile or otherwise – for a pair of tourists at a lodge in Kariba, Zimbabwe who got more than they asked for during a midnight dip in the resort's swimming pool.

As can be seen in the above security camera screencap from a video posted by YouTube user Zimbo88, a 5-to-6ft long juvenile croc slithers into the pool from one end, causing the shocked and surprised couple to go off the deep end, as it were. One can't really blame the 'gator for following its instinct and attacking the first thing it comes across, in this case the female half of the human duo.

Two's Company, Three's A Crowd When Cheeky Croc Crashes Couple's Pool Rendezvous

One CAN blame the gallant gent, however, for succumbing to the natural “fight or flight” reflex and opting for the latter. As he leaps out of the pool, the croc grabs his gal by the arm in a bizarre version of the ole' “hey bud, can I cut in?” dance floor move.

The dude didn't mess up completely, however, returning to the scene a few seconds later and scaring the croc into laying off his main squeeze. Don't expect the latter to be in a squeezable mood henceforth, mind you, as most women prefer the only reptile hanging off their arm be in the form of an expensive purse.


This sort of thing doesn't happen often in Kariba, a town of about 20,000 situated on the shore of Lake Kariba, in the far northern part of Zimbabwe just south of the Zambian border. The region is a tourist hot-spot that features hotels, lodges, a couple of casinos and a crocodile farm.

Our toothy pool-crasher didn't go AWOL from the farm, however. According to Zimbo88, drought conditions in the region have caused a drop in Lake Kariba's water level. Locals are netting more fish in the shallower water and crocodiles eat fish, spurring the crocs to find newer stomping grounds. It's just unfortunate the new body of water this particular critter found was already occupied by two new bodies.