rescue pit bulls help three blind cats to see
Frankie, Bruce and Willis


Pit bulls have had a lot of shade thrown their way in the past. It didn’t help that everybody and their brother had to get in on the T-shirt craze where the animals were depicted as muscled brutes so savage that they had to be kept dangling at the end of a chain, or that they became fashion accessories for wannabe gangsta homeboys. Of late, though, their reputations have started to undergo rehabilitation as more and more stories surface of their loving nature and heroics. This is going to be one of those stories.

Rescue Animals

Sometime back three cats showed up at the Faithful Friends Animal Society in Delaware exhibiting signs of critical eye problems. Helen was a seven-year-old cat at the time suffering from severe glaucoma. Bruce and Willis, two 10-week-old kittens, had badly infected eyes that left them with painful ulcerations. After much deliberation, it was decided that for the sake of the animals and the level of their discomfort that the eyes should be removed in the case of all three cats.

rescue dogs come to the aid of blind cats
Alfie and his kitten pal

Pet Foster Parenting

Losing your sight would be tough for any creature, and animals in the wild would not survive long in that condition. Thankfully, Helen and the two kittens were taken in by volunteer Sherry Stewart, who already had two rescue pits at home. Each of the dogs had their own sad stories, but now are remarkably well adjusted. When the three sightless cats were first introduced to their new environment they were understandably frightened and disoriented — that is until they met Alfie and Frankie.

Animal Adoptions

According to Stewart, Alfie was found by cruelty investigators nearly starved back in 2012. He was taken to a shelter and scheduled for euthanization. Now, he’s a certified therapy dog and regularly visits kids at Nemours Al DuPont Hospital for Children, earning his AKC Canine Good Citizen Cert. Frankie hadn’t fared much better and had mange and secondary skin infections covering much of his body. Once the special needs cats arrived, both dogs made all three felines feel loved, safe and secure, offering nuzzles, snuggles and affection.

rescue dogs help blind cats
Alfie and Bruce, barely visible, catching some zzzzs

Seeing Eye Dogs

Their therapeutic efforts didn’t end there. Alfie and Frankie guided the cats around the home so that they could get acquainted with their surroundings. Helen soon became self-assured enough to use stairs and find food and the litter box on her own. Bruce felt secure sleeping curled up on Alfie’s side. Through the patience of these two dogs, eventually all three cats gained confidence in their abilities to navigate on their own. Sadly, Helen and Bruce have since passed away from unrelated illnesses, but Willis is alive and thriving.


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