A pair of lynx cats decided to talk it out, face to face, in the middle of an old logging road. The eerily human-like sound of their screamfest is certain to haunt your dreams.

Two Lynxes Trash Talking On The Highway Are Today's Maine Attraction

The video was recorded by a couple who were taking a scenic drive down a disused logging road near Kokadjo, Maine. You'd think the lack of other cars and trucks would make for a trouble-free drive, but that doesn't take into account the actions of the local wildlife.

In this case, two Canadian Lynx (Lynx canadensis) slowed the humans' vehicular progress to a stop not once, but several times. “My husband and I were in northern Maine out for a ride on the logging roads hoping to see a moose or bear,” explained the filmer of the video. “We came upon these two lynx who entertained us for close to 15 minutes. They would lead us down the road. Stop. Move on. Stop. Then they came back to us and had a conversation we caught on video. Even after the end of the video, they still led us down the road a ways before letting us by."

Two Lynxes Trash Talking On The Highway Are Today's Maine Attraction

While inspiring to behold – one doesn't often come across big cats having an argument outside of a safari park – it's the “tone” of the critters' conversation that really seals the deal here. About a third of the way into the recording, the filmer rolls down their window to get a better view (don't try that at home OR on the road, kids) and in doing so, allows the sound of the interaction to come through loud and clear.

Those who've heard domestic cats growl and yowl at each other know that at times the sounds can send chills up and down your spines. These lynxes take those chills to the next level... and maybe a level or two beyond. Not that we've experienced it, but for all intents and purposes they sound like two human lunatics ramping up the rhetoric to a point just short of all-out, tooth & claw war. Whew, good thing lynxes can't get Twitter accounts! (via UPI)