Meet Maureen Hatcher, a Florida grandmother who is extremely grateful to her two Labs, Bella and Sadie, who alerted neighbors to her distress and saved her life.

Grandmother  Maureen Hatcher lives in St. Augustine  with her grandson and two her loving dogs, Bella and Sadie. She only had her two Labs for company some two months ago when she suddenly collapsed in her home and found herself mired in place and barely able to speak. (See: Pot-Bellied Pig Saves Owner From Heart Attack.)

She told First Coast News that she was unable to call for help and when her two dogs came to her side, she managed to whisper: "Mommy needs help." They immediately ran out the front door and disappeared. (See: Rescued Cat Becomes Night Nurse.)


Hero Dogs, Sadie and Bella

Their actions were captured on doorbell camera footage, which shows them running out into the street streets and coming back a few minutes later with neighbor, Alexandra Naspolini, who although hesitant to enter the home, knew something  was wrong and immediately dialed 911. (See: Lefty the Pit Bull Takes Bullet For Owner.)

Her Stroke Could Easily Have Been Fatal

It is not known exactly when her stroke occurred because she was alone in the  house at the time. She remembered that she did collapse at about 11 am, but Bella arrived at the neighbor's back door about 2 pm. At least seven hours had elapsed if not more when she was discovered unresponsive on her bed. (See: Sammy The Hero Dog Saves Stricken owner By Smashing Window)

The 62 year-old grandmother was showing unmistakable indications of a stroke including confusion and trouble speaking. Eleven minutes after Naspolini called 911, she was transported to Baptist Medical Center in Jacksonville, which is one of only seven Certified Stroke Centers in the state of Florida. (See: Michigan Pup Saves Toddler From Drowning.)

A special procedure involving a stent retriever saved her life, but as far as Maureen Hatcher and her emergency rescuers are concerned, it was Bella and Sadie that initiated her rescue because they were instrumental in getting her to the hospital in time. Her caring neighbor and the gifted doctors were all part of the successful rescue operation. (See: Falstaff The English Setter Saves Owner From Heart Attack,)

The first thing she did when she returned home was to cross the street and thank her neighbor. She told the press: "By rights, I shouldn't be in the shape that I'm in. I am blessed...very blessed. I wouldn't be here without my two furry, four-legged heroes. I couldn't  live without them." (See: Half Breed  Saves Elderly Couple In Snowstorm.)

Good job, Sadie and Bella!

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Source: Good News Network