A Highland cow from Gairloch, Scotland appears to have a second face leering out from its shaggy midriff.

'Two-Faced' Highland Cow Says That's No Bull

“My eyes are up here,” a certain brown Highland cow might say, but in this case you'd be forgiven for not making eye contact and risking a MeMoo moment. That's because this cow appears to have TWO faces – one in the usual place and another, larger, shaggier version gazing out from her beefy belly.

The unnamed ruminant (may we suggest “Kuato”?) is of the Highland Cattle breed (“Heilan Coo” in Scots), characterized by long hair that keeps them warm during chill Scottish winters. Those lustrous lochs, er, locks also offer opportunities for Pareidolia – a psychological phenomenon in which the mind perceives a familiar pattern where none actual exists. Remember the famous Face on Mars? Well, now we've got faces on cows.    

'Two-Faced' Highland Cow Says That's No Bull

Photographer Julia McBeath Alexander snapped the duplicitous bovine while visiting Gairloch, a small farming community in Scotland's picturesque North-West Highlands.

“I love photography and love photographing the cows that are on crofting land not far from Gairloch,” explained Alexander on her Facebook page. “I've photographed them lots of times but never noticed the markings on this one before," she added. "My family think I'm mad as I'm always finding faces in strange places.” U mad, sis, or just seeing things? (via Styl.pl)