Read all about two amazing hero dogs from Australia whose collective actions saved the life of a two-year-old little boy named Max Hillier.

In rural Queensland, Australia, one afternoon last December,  Max Hillier had been playing in the back garden of his family home. But when his mother, Georgie, went to check on him, both he and the family dog, Tank, were nowhere to be found. Frantic, she jumped into the family car and began riding around the neighborhood, fearing that the child could have fallen into one of the many dams and reservoirs surrounding her property. (See: Dolphins Save Drowning Girl.)


Little Max with His Heroes
Max And Friends


The Two Dogs Saved The Day And The Baby

Max's mother told Sara Hicks from radio station ABC Local: "I just panicked. I  was running around, checking the  sides of the dams." A neighbor notified the police and a woman who found little Max, heard his mother's frantic cries and brought the child to her, much to her relief. It was then that she found  her dog, Tank, and the neighbor's dog, Muck, running erratically around the dams, covered from head to paw  in mud and slime. (See: Sassy the Chihuahua Rescues Owner.)

Although no one witnesses the actual event, the police put the scene together  on the basis of the evidence. According to Michael Beattie from the Royal Society For The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals: "When the police arrived, they saw quite distinct  drag marks. It was apparent that little Max had been pulled out of the dam by one of the dogs, most  likely, Tank. Max was  making moves to return to the dam and Muck was virtually heading him off at the pass. The police believe that the only way that Max could have been saved from drowning was by the two dogs."

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Te team of Tank and Muck
God's Direct Contact

For saving little Max's life, both dogs received the RSPCA's prestigious Purple Cross Award for bravery. Whether Tank or Muck thought more of that than the two very large bones thrown in for an extra treat can only be surmised.  (See: Humpback Whale Saves Biologist from Shark Attack.)

God job, Tank and Muck!

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