This tale comes from Boise, Idaho, where two police officers and a K-9 police dog named Jardo were shot and wounded. The officers are slowly recovering as is the dog, thanks to the blood transfusions he received from two other canines.

A Brave And Dutiful K-9 Officer

Jardo, a Belgian Malinois, survived a near lethal injury  in the line  of duty thanks to four doctors who worked  for two hours to save him and the almost one liter of blood donated by two dogs at the West Vet Emergency Center in Boise, Idaho. He was shot in the chest, lost a lot of blood and his left lung. It is unlikely that he would have survived without a little help from his canine friends. He was able to go home with his handler just one day after major surgery. (See: Injured Military Dog Given New Chance.)


Jardo In His Prime
Jardo In His Prime

According to West Vet technician, Nicole Zacharias whose dog, Myles, was one of the doggie donors, a blood donation is the difference between life and death. "Every time you have a gunshot wound you have massive blood loss. When I learned that  Jardo was going to need some help i offered Myles right away because he is always here...There's something about him...I don't know if he is aware of how many wonderful things he has been able to do over the years, but I do think he knows what a good boy he is." (See: Blind Dog Teaches Children To See.)

A Dog Donor Must Meet Several Criteria

Every day of the year across the nation, hundreds of animals are injured and desperately need blood transfusions, but blood is in short supply and there are very few animal blood banks. As is the case with human blood, there are five major canine blood types and one is a universal donor. This type is the most frequently purchased by veterinary clinics.More than a few requirements are necessary in order for a dog to qualify as a candidate for a blood transfusions. The dog must be healthy, friendly, weigh more than fifty pounds, be free of parasites, between one and seven years old and current on all vaccinations.

Jardo On The Mend
Jardo On The Mend


Jardo's Future

This brave dog entered the K-9 Unit in 2013, and although he may return to a less strenuous duty, such as drug detection, his injuries are severe and may prevent him from more active K-9 patrol. The two officers who were also shot by the same suspect on that fateful day are still recovering. Their futures are also in abeyance, but it is hoped that they too will soon return to the jobs they love best.

Speedy recovery to all the  brave officers wounded in the line of duty, whether they walk on two legs or on four.

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Original Source: KTYB News