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Spring is here. How are you planning to protect your grass from your pups peeing on it and turning it yellow?

Dog urine may kill spots of grass on your lawn, just as too much fertilizer might.  Both results usually come from too high a concentration of nitrogen; in dogs, it's mostly produced by the high levels of protein in their diets. While female dogs are generally blamed for killing grass spots on your lawn, it's the focus of their urine on a single spot that actually causes the yellowing, whereas male dogs tend to spread their urine around from tree to tree. Also trees and bushes don't tend to react to high levels of nitrogen in the same way as grass does.

Another factor which can impact your grass is the pH value of your dog's urine, which should be tracked at least yearly, as acid that is too high or too low in urine can be deleterious to your dog's health. A dog's ideal urine pH should be between 6.0 and 6.5. 

Increasing your dog's water intake will help keep both his pH values and nitrogen levels down. In the spring and summer, your dog should be drinking more water anyway because there is greater risk of dehydration in warm weather. Try adding just a few tablespoons of low sodium chicken broth to her water to get your dog to drink more.

Additionally, there are two products that you can use that have met with success at reducing the nitrogen and other impurities in dog urine: Dog Rocks and Zesty Paws Stay Green Bites.


1. Dog Rocks

Dog Rocks

Dog Rocks


I'll be honest: Some customers say that the Dog Rocks are 'somewhat' effective at reducing the browning of their grass due to pee spots, but most say it works really well or not at all.

Nevertheless, my recommendation is to try them because they are a natural way to remove nitrogen and other chemicals out of your dog's water. Your dog doesn't have to take any pills or chews, just drink her Dog Rock treated water.

These natural rocks from Australia are placed in your dog's water bowl and act like sponges to soak up impurities in the water. The rocks are effective up to two months and you can leave them in the water bowl as you add new water or, if the bowl is small, you can fill a container with water for your and leave the Dog Rocks in the container, just adding the rock water to your dog's bowl. It does take a few weeks to see results, but be patient.


2. Zesty Paws Grass Defense Stay Green Bites


Zesty Paws Grass Defense Stay Green Bites

Zesty Paws Grass Defense Stay Green Bites


Zesty Paws makes a variety of high-quality support products for pets, and its Stay Green Bites are highly-rated by customers, so if you are looking for a general urinary and digestive support supplement for your dog, this is an excellent choice. Not only do Stay Green Bites reduce the nitrogen in your dog's urine, but their special cranberry extracts reduce bacteria in the bladder and urinary tract, and the digestive enzymes support digestion, nutrient absorption, and bowel movement to reduce diarrhea and constipation.

Yes, Stay Green Bites are also very effective at reducing 'pee grass' and, oh, did I mention (?), dogs love them!


If your dog receives canine guests, you might ask their owners to try one of the above products as well, so you can preserve your beautiful new lawn.


That's the buzz for today!

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