Hand felted from the finest Merino wool, Twin Critters' cat beds aren't all funny, but they are all well-loved by cats, some dogs, and their parents. Some of them just make me giggle, especially when you picture a cat in them.

Here's the Twin Critters Hippo cat bed.  What's the matter hippo? Cat got your tongue?


Twin Critters Hippo Cat Bed

Twin Critters Hippo Cat Bed


Here's the Anglerfish luring this kitten with its esca.


Twin Critters Anglerfish cat bed

Twin Critters Anglerfish Cat Cave



Twin Critter cat pods all have very expressive eyes, like the Turtle below.  The Turtle's opening is on his back end.


Twin Critter Turtle cat bed

Twin Critter Turtle Cat Pod


Out of the Shark's mouth... Help! Mom?


Twin Critters Shark cat cave

Twin Critters Shark Cat Cave


The Unicorn is another work of art, and of love, I might add....


Twin Critters Unicorn Cat Cave

Twin Critters Unicorn Cat Cave


With the finest materials handwoven in Nepal, the Twin Critters cat caves are more than toys, more than cat beds; they are works of art. But they are fun and perfectly suited to your cat's needs. Take a look. Read the fantastic reviews. There are more delightful caves here.


That's the buzz for today!

Lady Bee


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