As the concept of 'poop & scoop' hasn't yet permeated every corner of the pet-owning world, there's still a need for signs like these to chide doggies who take a crap, leave a crap, and don't give a crap.  


No Dog Pooping Sign



Let Us Spray

No Dog Pooping Sign England Churchyard

Nobody wants a “mass” of pooch poop in their yard, and that goes double for a churchyard. One particular UK congregation is invoking the threat of divine intervention against those who dare foul the premises. Best to heed their prayers, lest ye and ye're mongrel be cursed as only an angry flock of British parishioners can curse. (No Dog Pooping sign images via Janet Swisher and Scott Lowe)     



No Dog Pooping Sign Tokyo Japan

We know where emojis come from, and that includes poop emojis such as that depicted on this No Pooping sign from downtown Tokyo. What we don't know, is if dogs from Japan actually poop perfect spirals... we want to believe they do. (No Dog Pooping sign image via Steven-L-Johnson  


Can't Ex-Spain

No Dog Pooping Sign Madrid Spain

“Keep your city clean!”, admonishes this No Pooping sign from Madrid, Spain, and be prepared to fork over a cool 500 Euros if you dare to disobey. That's worrisome to be sure but there's something even more concerning: what the heck are Spanish folks feeding their dogs?? Yikes, that's gotta hurt! (No Dog Pooping sign image via James Manners)            


So Philly

No Dog Pooping Sign South Philly

Who says they's got no sense of humor in South Philly? Some do and some don't, it seems, and the latter took out their outrage on this cheeky No Pooping sign. (No Dog Pooping sign image via tehshadowbat                 


Foul Play

No Dog Pooping Sign Moyle Northern Ireland

This No Pooping – excuse us, “No Fouling” sign from Moyle, Northern Ireland warns violators of a 500-pound penalty... wow, that's a lotta dog poop! In related news, dogs in Ulster apparently poop campfires. (No Dog Pooping sign image via Tony Webster)             


Anime Amnesia

No Dog Pooping Sign Japan

This passive-aggressive No Pooping sign from Japan features a rather cat-like dog suggesting to its owner that perhaps they forgot to do something... something to do with a disturbingly pinkish poop. Can't blame the owner, though, since the object in question lacks that signature spiral shape. (No Dog Pooping sign image via Kim Unerti)                



No Dog Pooping Sign Ontario Canada

Gee thanks, Ontario town of Southampton, for spelling out “No Dogs On Beach”... without that bit of text nobody would know what the H-E-double-hockey-sticks you're referring to. Seriously, what IS that black thing being prohibited? It's not a dog, and it sure doesn't look like any dog poop we've seen. Then again, we just got back from Japan. (No Dog Pooping sign image via Mark Totten)                


Doodoo It Yourself

No Dog Pooping Sign DIY Australia

It's said that necessity is the mother of invention, and one annoyed Aussie took that maxim to heart by crafting the home-made No Pooping sign above. It's got all the requirements: yellow diamond “warning” sign shape, spiral-shaped poop emoji, even the use of the word “please”. Difficulty: the “Hey dogs!” part... pups may be smart but they're not quite bright enough to read. (No Dog Pooping sign image via Scott Brown              


Good Dog, Gooder Grammar

No Dog Pooping Sign Saint Clement Jersey

Kudos to the anonymous grammarian from the Bailiwick of Jersey in the UK's Channel Islands who decided on his or her own to “correct” a No Dogs sign with whiteout, white paint, maybe whitewash – some kinda white stuff. They even took care to put an apostrophe between “Dog” and “s” just to ensure dogs and dog-owners wandering the beach wouldn't have any reason to complain. Mockery, on the other hand, is still a go. (No Dog Pooping sign image via Lettuce.                  


New York Minimalist

No Dog Pooping Sign New York City

Leave it to New Yorkers to dispense with the frills and make with the straight talk. No cute imagery, no hipster pictograms, no sarcasm or fancy wordplay. Oh yeah, also... NO DOG POOP! (No Dog Pooping sign image via Monica Müller)


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