Recently, I went into a pet store where samples of Free Range Dog Chews' natural dog treats were being offered to dog passers-by, and well, my dog was at home... so I tried them. 

Amazingly, the dried chicken tasted like dried chicken, the dried sweet potato -- a very hot item now! - tasted like a dried sweet potato, and the dried apples and bananas... just as advertised. Chewy too!

Now, I'm not saying I would make a habit out of eating these dog treats, but they are made with human grade ingredients. And besides, if I didn't taste them, I wouldn't believe they were all that great.  Yes, I bought him a few bags. Oh man, did he go wild! I love giving him stuff he likes.

I found lots of  Free Range Dog Chews' products at Amazon selling for somewhat less than the pet store.  Here are three of Free Range categories of treats and the food selections offered.  (I almost wrote "flavor selections," until I remembered the treats are not just flavors, they are real foods.)


1. Free Range Dog Chews Chicken Breast Wraps With Fruit

You want the ingredients?  Free Range Chicken Breast and Apple.  Nothing else.  

Also comes in nothing but Free Range Chicken Breast Wrap With Banana, if your pup prefers the sweeter fruit, and the Free Range Chicken Breast Wrap With Kiwi.  You guessed it: nothing else.  No water, no sugar, no spices, no string of chemicals; just food.




2.  Free Range Chicken Breast Wraps With Veggies

For veggie lovers, there's the Free Range Chicken Breast Wrap With CarrotsFree Range Chicken Breast Wrap With Water Chestnuts, and (my favorite) the Free Range Chicken Breast  Wrap With Sweet Potato. Just the foods described in the names.




3.  Free Range Meat And Sweet Potato Nuggets

Sweet potatoes are so heathy that Free Range decided to make special
wraps just to enclose them.  The meat nuggets also satisfy the dog who likes wild
gamy flavors.  The nuggest are meat wrapped around sweet potatoes and
then cut into pieces, so they're a bit smaller than the wraps. They
come in five varieties of meat that dogs go nuts over: beef, lamb, goat, duck, and rabbit



Free Range Dog Chew products are all 100 percent natural.  Even their bully sticks and beef knuckles, and bones come from free range animals that are 100 percent grass fed in Brazil.  Everything that comes into the U.S. has to pass rigid requirements and each product is tested in a U.S. inspection laboratory.  You can see lab tests conducted on each product batch on the Free Range Dog Chew website. See the company's list of products on


That's the buzz for today!



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