Cy is an Appaloosa horse who lives in the United Kingdom at a stable not far from where his human mum, Rae, lives. Harriet is a Jack Russell Terrier whose human mum, Kate, is the yard manager at the stable. Harriet apparently believes that she is the assistant yard manager and has assigned herself a number of duties including checking on the horses and walking them. Cy and Harriet recently became best friends.

Cy and Harriet
Cy and Harriet: A portrait in friendship

Rae is a friend of mine who I met because of writing a post about Olly the Airport Cat. In addition to Cy she has a cheeky tuxedo cat that helps keep her in line. Cy has been having a rough go of it lately with some serious tummy troubles. It was a few weeks ago, while he was on vet-ordered stable rest, that a little Jack Russell Terrier showed up to help take care of him.

Cy on stable rest, complete with pillow.
Cy on stable rest, complete with pillow. Poor baby!

Harriet started taking time out of her busy schedule at the stable to visit Cy every day and provide some much needed cuddles, companionship, and comedy relief.

Cy and Harriet cuddles.
Cy and Harriet cuddles.and kisses

Such a fearless little dog! Is she really flirting or just toying with him? Check out Harriet playfully stealing hay from Cy's mouth when he was trying to eat:

Just in case, Rae chaperones when Harriet takes Cy for a walk. Well, Harriet does walk the other horses too. She thinks it is her job to give them a walk. HA! Check out the three of them going for a walk:

Sometimes a new relationship is just about getting used to all the interesting new smells. You know that dogs just love to explore new sniffs. Apparently horses do too:

Harriet was given to spending a couple of hours a day visiting with her equine paramour. Sadly, Cy had a return of his tummy troubles last week and spent the week with the veterinarian again. He is due back in his stable today, much to the relief of both his mum and his canine love.

Cy and Harriet chatting over afternoon tea.
Cy and Harriet chatting over afternoon tea.

This story has all the makings of a Romeo and Juliet sort of thing, but fortunately both of the mums get on well. They both also know that this has gone just about as far as it can  Stay tuned to this website and I will pass on any cute updates that become available. Until then, enjoy this woof and whinny.

To see Harriet walking another horse all by herself, click here.

Images via Rae

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