Coastal Pet Products has created the most fun looking cat toy I've seen yet. It's corrugated paper, a cat's favorite material, and it magically transforms into many different shapes to make at least four different toys for your cat!

Not only that, but your cat can even sleep in it!


Turbo Transform It

 Turbo® Transform It!™


When kitty's not snoozing, he can use his "bed" as a turbo toy and bat a small jingle ball around. 


Turbo® Transform It!™


And if you pull up the bed's center, you get another toy - the "topper."


Turbo Tower Transform It!

Turbo® Transform It!™


Pull the center all the way up and kitty has a cone to rub her whiskers on....


Turbo® Transform It!™

Turbo® Transform It!™


And there's one more configuration, unless you can maneuver another yourself... the "saucer."


Turbo® Transform It!™

Turbo® Transform It!™


Watch this Turbo® Transform It!™ video to see how easy it is to mold and remold the toy to create even more than four configurations.



As you see in the video above, the Turbo® Transform It!™ will fit into the center of a turbo scratcher frame, but it is not necessary, if you don't happen to have one, but it might help to keep the Transform It steady.


That's the buzz for today!

Lady Bee


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