Yvelife Interactive Cat Ball

Yvelife Interactive Cat Ball


We bloggers read a lot of customer reviews. Some are pretty basic; "Good toy," "My cat likes it," "Doesn' work."

Others really draw you to delve deeper, like, "... I will tell you it's the most entertaining toy I have ever had. It entertains me, the kitten, and the two 110 pound german shepherds."

What can I say? That last one grabbed my attention. It was written about the Yvelife Interactive Cat Ball, a USB-charged, zig-zaggy-moving ball that sometimes pauses, and then surprises your cat by spinning around and taking off, in another direction, while your cat tries to catch the twirling ribbons, feathers, or balls attached to it. 

The Yvelife Interactive Cat Ball actually moves spontaneously straight ahead, in spirals, or in spins.


Yvelife Interactive Cat Ball

Yvelife Interactive Cat Ball


The Cat Ball is about 4.5 inches long and 2.75 inches tall. It has two motors and a USB charger. One lithium battery is included. The base of the toy is made of two strong plastics, ABS and polycarbonate. The tires are rubber and customers say the toy can be used on all floor surfaces, but runs much faster on hardwood floors than on carpet. When the toy slows down it probably needs to be charged.


Yvelife Interactive Cat Ball


The element of surprise is what grabs cats. The Yvelife Interactive Cat Ball will run for 10 minutes at a time and will restart every 1.5 hours unless you turn it off. That makes it a good toy for your cat to have around when you leave.

I would love to share the product video of a cat playing with the Yvelife Interactive Cat Ball, but you will have to see it on Amazon.  Take a look; it's really cute!


That's the buzz for today!

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