I bet you just love Buddy coming in shaking off all that water on the floor, hard snow stuck to his fur, him quaking with shivers from the cold.  The new wearable Towel Togs is the perfect solution for this weather.  In fact, it's a great solution for summer too, when Buddy decides to cool off in the lake or under the sprinkler system.



The Wet Dog Wrap, the 2009 winner of Dog Fancy Magazine's Editor's Choice Award, looks like a stunning version of a dog Snuggie, but it actually does more than keep your dog warm. Its super-thick microfiber material absorbs "wet" like a sponge and keeps dogs from sharing their wet with everything else in your home. 

Besides, doesn't the Towel Tog look cool?  Love the wide belted look.

From extra small to extra large -- measuring instructions included at Amazon.com.


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