A tourist who visited Canada to see polar bears found himself on the other end of the microscope when an overly curious bruin mistook his SUV for a metal & glass lunch box.

Tourist Visiting Canada To See Polar Bears Gets His Wish... On The Bear's Terms

Visit Canada to see the cute polar bears, they said. It'll be fun, they said. Looking back on it, Alexandre Martin can at least strike that experience off his bucket list though he almost kicked the bucket in the process.

Martin, a 31-year-old IT Production Manager based in New York City, had driven up to Churchill, Manitoba in search of the iconic (but VERY dangerous) creatures. Pulling into a parking lot in his four-door Ford 4x4, Martin noticed another vehicle pull in beside him... except it wasn't a vehicle if you know what we mean (and we think you do).  

Tourist Visiting Canada To See Polar Bears Gets His Wish... On The Bear's Terms

Presumably wishing his SUV had a few extra options including (a) a bathroom and (b) a cannon loaded with bear spray, Martin sweated it out while the bear prowled around for what must have been the longest five minutes of his life. At one point, the bear pressed its nose against the passenger-side window, eyeballing Martin like a hungry college kid wishing the microwave would work faster.

“I felt, you know, so... humbled," explained Martin to a reporter from the CBC. “Sometimes we don't realize but this is no joke. It's a big, big animal. And really dangerous. And really beautiful at the same time.” And if it were any hungrier, no doubt Martin would be toast – or at least, whatever it is polar bears eat for breakfast. No avocados required. (via The Irish SUN)