The Tosca Cat Carrier takes the edge off of ordinary cat carriers by eliminating hard edges entirely, enclosing your precious purring pal in buttery-soft Nubuck leather.  

Tosca Cat Carrier Takes Travel With Felines To The Next Level

Sold by cat furniture and accessories experts Tuft + Paw under the MiaCara label, the Tosca Cat Carrier combines the security of a traditional hard-sided pet carrier with the soft & spacious shoulder bags celebs like Paris Hilton use to transport their furry friends in style. The result is pretty much the best of both worlds: safety for your pet and style for you, with the mutual benefits of comfort and convenience.   

The carrier bag itself measures 25” long by 19” tall and 10” wide, suitable for most cats weighing up to about 15 pounds. Wide shoulder straps make carrying an occupied carrier a labor of love instead of a painful chore.

Tosca Cat Carrier Takes Travel With Felines To The Next Level

The Tosca cat carrier is made from 100& Nubuck leather in your choice of Papyrus (tan) or Cement (grey). A generously-sized flap unzips right down to the base of the bag, easing the anxieties of first-time travellers. Once your cat is comfortably ensconced within, ventilation holes arranged in an attractive slotted pattern allow fresh air to circulate from three sides.

The bag is designed for frequent travellers who love taking their cats along on exotic journeys. When wear & tear starts to show, however, simply brush the exterior with a suede brush (you've got one of those, right?), then extract the removable liner and wipe clean with a damp cloth... or just get the hired help to do that. You'll find the Tosca Cat Carrier from MiaCara at Tuft + Paw : Modern Furniture for Cats, priced at a lofty $499 each. Hey, high-flyin' folks and their pampered pets demand the best, amiright?