The desert sand is hot and you've got neither arms nor legs to help you rise above it. What to do? Hitch a ride on a passing tortoise and take a load off your, er, belly.

Tortoise-Surfing Rattlesnake Kicks Back & Relaxes

Give the snake credit: he managed to hitch a ride despite not having any thumbs. Well, maybe that's why he's riding a desert tortoise and not, say, a roadrunner. But we're getting ahead of ourselves.

Seeing a rattler ride a tortoise is “probably (a) once in a lifetime experience,” according to the guy who saw and filmed the unlikely incident, a local hiker and photographer named Mario El Pachuco.  

Tortoise-Surfing Rattlesnake Kicks Back & Relaxes

El Pachuco was hiking in Pima County, Arizona when he came across a rather large desert tortoise and figured he'd record the beast for posterity – and his Instagram page. “As I got closer a head came out from behind his shell and that's when I noticed the snake,” he explained. “I started taking pictures and the snake just started slithering on top of the tortoise as you see on this video.”

“I don't know the reason why this tortoise and the rattlesnake were together but I'm glad they were,” added El Pachuco. “It is not uncommon for rattlesnakes and tortoises to share the same burrows but I had never seen them hanging out in the open like this.” Actually it's the snake who's doing most of the hanging... large or not, there's not a lot of legroom on a tortoise's back. (via UPI)