With these cute, classy and all-around fun animal themed clocks, you’ll never be late waking up from hibernation again! This time, I’ve collected a trio of clocks that are retro, kid-friendly and sport a living environment, but anyone who has an eye for creative animal décor will love these wildly different time keepers:

The Original Kit-Cat Clock





You’ve probably seen these iconic clocks wagging their tails and looking around the room in various cartoons over the years, but that’s only because they are all based off of the classic Kit-Cat clock! Kit-Cat clocks are made in a rainbow of retro colored plastics and move just like they did all the way back in 1932. While most people will probably flock to the original black clock, I can’t help but to love the funky look of the green and blue Kit-Cats. What’s your favorite?


Animal Alarm Clocks by Karma Kiss





Let’s crank the cuteness level to 11 with Karma Kiss’s talking Animal Alarm Clocks! I really like the traditional shape of the classic alarm clocks, especially since digital clocks are so prevalent these days. Other than the clock’s vivid colors and bright cartoon face, the best feature of the clock is that it’ll wake you up with the sounds of your favorite animals! Whether you’d prefer a chattering raccoon, howling monkey or quacking duck, there’s a cute talking animal clock for everyone’s tastes.

Fish Clock by Aquavista





These hanging wall clocks add an extra level of practicality to your time piece by reimagining it as a living ecosystem to keep a beautiful beta fish in. That’s right, these vividly framed clocks are an excellent habitat for a single Siamese fighting fish, but I’d recommend that you don’t hand Aquvista’s clock too high up on the wall: After all, you’ve got the feed your fighting friend every day!

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