Let’s face it: Your beautiful betta fish is far too good for the mediocre goldfish bowl that he’s drifting in right now. If you’re ready to upgrade your Siamese fighting fish’s home, while adding a piece of unique décor to your home, check out these three designer options for your frilly fish:

Wall Fish Clock by Aquavista




Aquavista’s Wall Fish Clock takes the cake with originality, as it is an actual working wall clock that houses your fish. I like that it comes in several colors, burgundy is my favorite, and it is certainly a fun piece, but I don’t imagine it would be convenient to feed and clean out a fish tank that hangs at the height of a wall clock… I’d absolutely recommend Aquavista’s innovative design for hardcore freshwater fish enthusiasts though!


FishHotel Aquarium by Umbra




The modular design of Umbra’s stark white FishHotel allows several units to be safely stacked on top of each other for a really cool hotel high rise effect. Each FishHotel is actually a plastic outer shell, with a cube shaped glass fishbowl insert, but for some reason Umbra decided not to design this model with a lid to keep jumpier fish species locked in their hotel rooms. Don’t worry though- FishHotel is a great fit for calm and placid bettas, just as long as you don’t have a cat!

Wall Mounted Acrylic Fish Bowl by KAZE Home Décor




KAZE’s Acrylic Fish Bowl might sport the least amount of flair of the trio, but its simplicity might just put it on the top of the list due to its accessibility. The bowl’s simple 1 gallon design is easily screwed into place with a simple wall anchor, and is easily hung wherever you can hang or remove it for weekly cleaning. Just add gravel, a plant and your favorite fish, and you’re ready to go!
Which of these modern betta aquariums would you use to improve your colorful fish’s life? Share your favorites in the comments below!

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