Some folks love cats, they love every kind of cat, they just want to hug ALL of them and bring them to Walmart but they can't... well, maybe just one or two (and in one case three) as we check out the top ten cats of Walmart!     



The Cat's Pyjamas

Forget about black cats crossing your path, the bad luck seriously kicks in when said cat is held by a leather-booted and PJ-clad woman... especially one who shops in bulk for Cheetos and popcorn.



Cats On The Brain

We don't think these cats are real, which really isn't much of a relief all things considered. A closer look would confirm it but hey, even viewing an image on the 'net makes us feel we're too close.  




You gotta have soul to own 15 cats; having a Kia Soul upon which to advertise your kitty-kindness is just a bonus. Best of all, there's a LOT of space on the Soul's rear window to add more cat stickers before the view's completely blocked.      




OK lady, you got the waffles now how about some chicken? Say what you will about people bringing their pets shopping with them, at least this white feline is sitting quietly while “mom” fills the cart. We've all seen more than a few cranky kids who can't meet that standard.



Check Out This Kitty

Wait, Walmart sells cats now? If you can't believe your eyes, there's a Vision Center conveniently located nearby.      



Three's Company

Three are Siamese, if you please... and three's most definitely a crowd when this cat lady hits Walmart. Odds are at least one of the trio will need to use a litter box while their owner does her shopping, giving new meaning to “clean up in aisle 3!”   



To The Catmobile!

Affixing fifty-odd cat statues to ones vehicle can't be good for its coefficient of drag and the resulting gas mileage will surely suffer. Speaking of suffering, imagine the scene inside the owner's home where at least fifty actual cats are likely roaming about.         


Van Wildest

Well it's not the “Free Candy” van but it's close enough for discomfort. Just how many kittens are inside, waiting anxiously for a new owner? Or maybe there aren't any kittens and the van owner is merely protesting on behalf of captive kittens everywhere. Yeah, that's the ticket!          



Pick Of The Litter

The question is, does she own dozens of cats or just one, really big cat? Whichever one is true, we all lose, especially if that's her pickup truck in the next photo...  



Not Grrrrreat!!

Talk about an accident waiting to happen – the eventual fender-bender that causes the cage to open won't be anything compared to the carnivorous carnage likely to follow. Can't blame “Tony” here for wanting revenge, either... can you imagine what it must be like when Bubba takes the freeway?    

Thanks and a tip of the cap as well to People of Walmart, the hard-working source of these all-too-real images you only WISH were 'shopped!