Blue Jay eating nuggets from suet feeder

Blue Jay eating nuggets from suet feeder (photo)


Summertime is not great for suet. Our very particular backyard birds don't want soppy stuff and, frankly, I don't want to clean it up. Because our feeders are in direct sunlight, we can't even feed them no-melt suet.

But I did find a great alternative for them: "food nuggets" for birds that contain suet.

C&S Products, an innovator in food nuggets for birds and a popular maker of bird suet packs, has created several different nugget specialties, including customer favorite, Peanut Nuggets. (I learned about this just before the Scrub Jays gave up on me because the squirrels were eating their peanuts no matter where I hid them.) 


C&S Nuggets And Feeder (still photo from video)

screen shot from YouTube video


What is it that has made these nuggets so popular?


C&S Products Peanut Nuggets

C&S Products Peanut Suet Nuggets


If I summarized the reviews of the C&S Products Peanut Suet Nuggets, I would have to say that "all birds love it!" That's essentially what birder customers report; simple as that. The contents are pretty darn healthy for birds too (corn, roasted peanuts, rendered beef suet, oats, and soy oil).

There are 6 small packages of the feed per order (each package is 27 ounces) and the pricing is good on Amazon.


C&S Bluebird Nuggets

C&S Products Bluebird Nuggets


C&S adds raisins to the mix in the Bluebird Nuggets. Yum!

One customer even feeds the Bluebird Nuggets to a duck and he loves them. Another has mockingbird customers, and even deer are eating them. The Bluebird Nuggets are clearly not just for bluebirds!


C&S also makes a specialized formula, Nuggets For Woodpeckers, but Woodpeckers apparently also like the "Hot" Pepper Nuggets - yes, these do contain red peppers.


C&S Hot Pepper Suet Nuggets

C&S "Hot" Pepper Suet Nuggets


The Hot Pepper Nuggets are a hit with those birds willing to try them, but some customers say they haven't seen any birds approach these feeders. Maybe it's a "Try it, you'll like it" thing....

The C&S "Hot" Pepper Suet Nuggets apparently keep squirrels away, so it may be worth trying them!


Both the C&S Orange Flavor Nuggets (including artificial orange flavor and yellow 6) and the C&S Blueberry Flavor Nuggets (including artificial cherry flavor, blueberries, and red 40) are very well-received by backyard birds. And I would definitely try the Sunflower Nuggets that contain sunflower meal!

Don't forget that all of the above Nuggets come in packs of six!


Whatever Nuggets you choose to buy, if you don't have feeders ready for it, try this convenient 3-pack from C&S Products, especially made for the Nugget feed.


C&S Products Wire Nugget Tube Feeders

C & S Products Wire Nugget Tube Feeders


Check out the customer photos and reviews on the above links. They are quite convincing!


That's the buzz for today!

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