These humane household pest removing devices gently evict unwanted creepy-crawlies without risking either the homeowner's sensibilities or the offending creature's well-being. (cropped image below via Paul Birnie)  

Handsome Pest Control


1) Sonic Technology Bugbuster

Humane Household Pest Remover

It might not be handsome but the Sonic Technology Bugbuster sure is humane! This “no harm” insect and spider vacuum allows caring homeowners to gently catch and release intruding bugs. The battery-powered vacuum is completely non-toxic and keeps creatures at arms' length throughout the removal process.  


2) Bird Repellent Reflective Scare Rods

Humane Household Pest Remover

Keep birds away from your deck, windows and open doors once you install Bird Boss reflective wind twisters from Homescape Creations. The spiral rods have no powered parts – they're set in motion by the slightest breeze. Bonus: the sellers states the rods act as both a decorative ornament and a woodpecker nemesis. Take that, Woody!       


3) Authenzo Humane Mouse Trap

Humane Household Pest Remover

Let's cut to the cheese and state the Authenzo Humane Mouse Trap has been upgraded through the adoption of a more durable ABS material, plus the addition of more air holes “to prevent rats from suffocating”. Got tired, poor, huddled masses of rats yearning to breathe free? Use the Authenzo Humane Mouse Trap to ensure rodents are liberated from your basement.


4) Snake Trap

Humane Household Pest Remover

Trouble with snakes coming inside through a pet door? That's A problem, not just a First World Problem. The Snake Trap brand er, Snake Trap is an all-weather, indoor/outdoor, “professional-grade” serpent-catcher. It's a glue trap employing washable, replaceable, bio-safe adhesive pads but users report caught critters are easily freed by taking the trap outdoors and spraying vegetable oil on the snake.      


5) The Bat Valve

Humane Household Pest Remover

Bat Caves are cool if you're Batman but not if you're an average Joe. That's why The Bat Valve TBV-FR4 is your go-to choice for humane bat eviction from attics, outbuildings, and garages. Make your Man Cave for Men Only – not that there's anything wrong with that.                    


6) Waspinator

Humane Household Pest Remover

The “original” Waspinator – accept no substitutes – seems too good to be true but if the reviews can be believed, it's the real deal! The ultra-passive, non-toxic, no moving parts, imitation hornet nest is meant to be deployed BEFORE wasps start building a nest. Once in place, the territorial insects will assume the area has already been colonized and make a beeline, so to speak, in the opposite direction.

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