We all have our favorite movie monsters.  Mine are generally the kind that can track you down in your bedroom.  Gah!

But... there are some "critters" out there that are quite impressive.  In movies, that is.  And while I want to include such monsters as Dracula or the Mummy, this is a site about animals.  So I'm going more towards the "Man-In-Suit" approach to monstrous wildlife.

My first choice is a giant turtle.

1. Gamera

Yeah... Gamera has been around for a long time.  And the powers that be have "kid-a-fied" (sp?) him a bit.  But there is a part  of me that remembers the ass-kicking nature of this guy.  He rocked.  And as a movie monster he deserves some props:

C'mon!  How could you hate a pissed off turtle!  Plus, like our next example, he  became our guardian--even though insurance premiums went through the roof every time he was in town...

2. Godzilla

How could I not include the Godfather of giant lizards?  Both the Japanese and the American versions of this big guy are just plain fun:

Just look at the random destruction!  Egad!  Tokyo has been attacked by Godzilla so many times that I have to wonder when they ever have an opportunity to rebuild it...

The American Godzilla got a bad rap in the end... but still loved running around New York:

3. Tremors

I don't know about you, but the thought of giant carnivorous worms burrowing under my house scares the hell out of me.  And these critters were tough!

It's a good thing Reba Mcentire is handy with firearms!

4. King Kong

I have a soft spot in my heart for all three versions of King Kong.  The 1933 original influenced my initial career choice (I worked in the film/video industry for almost 20 years).  The 1976 version, while quite flawed, was still really fun.  And Peter Jackson's wonderful re-telling of the tale is a great piece of cinema with one of the best action sequences ever filmed:

If you've not seen this film, you should check it out.  Fun, thrilling, heartbreaking...

5. Bruce the Shark

Jaws is what I would consider to be a perfect film.  If you have read any of my stuff on this site, you would know that sharks scare the hell out of me.  This movie made me afraid of getting in my pool.  It fires on all pistons from frame one and doesn't let up until the end credits role.  And who could forget this scene:

Here's a little documentary about how they got Bruce the Shark built--and all of the problems the production team had dealing with it:

BONUS: 6. Velociraptors

As scary as the big monsters are, there's something more menacing about a critter that can walk through the door and eat you.  Jurassic Park taught me that...

Yeah... I would avoid using that freezer for a while...

If you have any cool animal videos, let us know!

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